faq2Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Here are questions that visitors frequently ask us.  If you did
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How long are your courses?

Details of the all course duration is available on the TRAINING page.

What qualification do I need to be suitable for the training?

SS3, GCE, NECO or National Technical Certificate. Matured adults with relevant work experience will also be admitted. For Ex-Service men, discharge letter and a letter from relevant command is required.

What books do I need?

You may buy any book related to the course you are taking for personal development. However, all the relevant materials will be made available to you upon registration.

I am interested in the Solar field, but I don’t have any experience. Where do I begin?

Once you have the basic entry qualification, you will be admitted. The training starts from the basic, up the the advanced, so prior experience may not apply.

I am not living in Lagos, do you offer online training?

Not now. We are planning for that in the future.

Does Oceaneer provide job placement after completion of all required courses?

No. But we recommend our trainees and help them with information about job openings in the industries.